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Terms of use

Torsten Küker KFZ-Technik endeavours to update the information on its web pages on a regular basis. Despite the efforts, the information may change from time to time. Therefore, no liability or guarantee that the information provided is current, correct and complete can be assumed.

The same also applies to all other websites which are linked to via hyperlink. Torsten Küker KFZ-Technik is not responsible for the content of such pages.

Unless separate reference to other suppliers, manufacturers or trademark holders is made, Torsten Küker KFZ-Technik holds the copyright and other industrial property rights to all websites, their layout and contents.

The websites may not be accessed, copied, stored, processed or reengineered and their contents or the results that are generated or displayed with the graphic tools may not be used for commercial use, in whole or in part.

Copyright notices and trademark designations may not be modified or removed. All acts exceeding this require the prior written consent of Torsten Küker KFZ-Technik.

The information provided may only be accessed in a manner that does not compromise the use of the imcopex online offering by the other visitors.

Torsten Küker KFZ-Technik makes no representation or warranty of any kind that these websites or the information included on them are in conformity with the laws of these other places.

Torsten Küker KFZ-Technik assumes no liability for links and does not adopt third-party content as its own.